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Sky City Tower

Property Information:

Property Information:

Located on a main street of Hanoi, Sky City Towers is closed to embassy offices, hotel, school, hospital, facilities and entertainment area of the city. Sky City Tower is away only several steps from National Cinema Center, golf course, BigC supermarket and a series of international restaurants.

This is a very convenient location for your moving because Sky City Tower is very close to city’s center, in the East of the city and in the West of My Dinh new urban.

Sky City Towers includes a complex of high-class office, retails, restaurants, cafeteria, playing-ground for children, medical center, gymnasium, indoor swimming pool and sport center. Nice campus of Sky City Towers will be playing yard for children with outdoor safe and modern equipments. Green grass covers with plants and trees will give peace and private for the landscape which is separated with noisy streets outside.

Construction and design of Sky City Tower can meet standards of high innovation in order to ensure luxurious comfort and safe for all apartments. All types of apartments, two or three bedrooms, have living room with uninterrupting space with dinning room, wide kitchen and separate flexible room. Interior of apartment is imported and is made from natural materials with stylish figures follow fashion style of today, tomorrow and many years later.

Sky City Towers can satisfy demands on modern living style. All apartments are equipped with camera telephone at door, high-speech ADSL and air-conditioning saving power. In addition, fire alarm and building management are very sophisticated to ensure for tenant here always in safe; and parking is not a matter when a parking lot is available at basement with capacity of 500 cars and 1500 motorbikes.


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